"Experience Is By Industry Achieved, And Perfected By The Swift Course Of Time."

- William Shakespeare

Our Distinction

 EBS is highly experienced in providing customized executive benefit solutions for community banks. EBS distinguishes itself through its diverse mix of benefit strategies within its open architecture platform.  The firm's keen understanding, objectivity, comprehensive knowledge and integrated experience in the executive benefits market, is key in identifying and selecting the most appropriate funding options for each of their clients.   

Our Approach

EBS's executive benefit experience assists clients in clarifying their goals and objectives and identifying appropriate funding strategies to reach those goals. Our experienced professionals have counseled clients in the most difficult situations, applying efficient benefit designs that help protect the business's overall continuity plan.  

Third Party Due Diligence

Most executive benefit firms offer "in house" administration support to control the client.  EBS utilizes a third party independent firm to insure unbiased support for administration, reporting and compliance monitoring, resulting in a regulatory friendly check and balance system.