Executive Benefit Strategies – Our mission is to help optimize our bank client's bottom line by repositioning assets that can informally fund benefit packages facilitating the retention and recruitment of key executives, while increasing shareholder value.


Bank Owned Life Insurance - BOLI

BOLI is a tax-advantaged life insurance arrangement who's earnings can offset the the costs of employee, executive, and director benefit plans as well as providing valuable life insurance protection.  Over 65% of your competitors own BOLI!  

What to do with all that cash?  BOLI is a great option.  It is a simple, regulatory friendly way to increase earnings.  Those earnings can offset or recover the costs of new or existing employee, executive and director benefits.  


Investment Advisory Services

Offered through Eagle Strategies LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company.

  • Comprehensive investment advisory and financial planning capabilities.​
  • Long-term relationships built on mutual trust
  • Truly independent financial guidance
  • A conflict-free investment manager compensation model
  • Fully electronic account set up process.  We utilize video conferencing and electronic signatures.  No need for an in person visit.  Stay safe!

For BOLI information and other services offered, please go to the section "About Us".  Thank you for visiting our website.

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